Register for Moorage

Important Notice: Port of Ilwaco Moorage 2022

To minimize difficulties with slip space rental at the Port of Ilwaco, it is important to note the following requirements.

The Port of Ilwaco marina has approximately 800 slips that vary from length, width and depth.  Port staff will do their best to accommodate the needs of each vessel coming into the marina.

The federal navigation channel connecting the port to the Columbia River is approximately 2 miles long, and it is authorized to a depth of -16 feet.  Areas of the channel may be less than 16 feet.

Depths in the marina range vary from one location to anothe,r and port staff can work with you to reserve a space that should meet your needs. All efforts will be made to moor vessels together that are participating in the race, however some vessels may need to be moored in separate areas given their depth/size requirements. 

This is the first year for the Port of Ilwaco hosting the PNW Offshore Race and they want to accommodate us the best as they can.

  1. All participants must contact the Port of Ilwaco and register for moorage via this online form.
  2. The Port of Ilwaco can also be contacted by phone: 360-642-3143.
  3. Once your form is submitted, the Port of Ilwaco will contact you within 2 business days to complete the reservation and obtain a credit card number.  The credit card will be used to pay for your slip use.
  4. Moorage reservations are non-refundable unless approved by the Port Manager.  
  5. Reservations will be made on a first come, first serve basis, and it is recommended to make your reservation sooner than later. 

Additional Information

  1. The Port of Ilwaco boatyard accommodates vessels up to 65 feet long, 50 tons and 17 feet wide.  Advance reservations are preferred if you intend to use any boatyard services.
  2. The Port has an active working waterfront with approximately 20 land based businesses operating around the marina.  
  3. Please direct any questions to Dennis Damore, CYC Commodore and Race Captain,, or Craig Garrison, CYC Rear Commodore at