Pacific NW Offshore International Yacht Race

June 10–13, 2021

photo by Maria Swearingen

The 45th Annual Yacht Race begins in Ilwaco, WA and ends in Port Angeles, WA. Participants travel from the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, up the Washington coast. The race tests sailing, navigation and tactical skills as well as endurance.

The Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland and their title sponsor, Schooner Creek Boat Works, holds the race annually. Formerly known as the Oregon Offshore, this year the race will begin at the Port of Ilwaco in Washington.

This race is a qualifier for the Pacific Cup and the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race.

The race is June 10 – 13, 2021.

Onlookers and fans are invited to kick off the race with Pacific Northwest Sailing Days beginning on June 10 with Ilwaco’s annual Blessing of the Fleet.

2021 Pacific NW Offshore Reservations

Name                    Vessel                   Arrival/Departure/Location  

Randall Barnes    Sol Pacifico 48’    6/04/21-6/10/21   E-051

David De Lanoy   Fortuna 38’     6/08/21-6/10/21   EM-063

Todd Feinroth   Endangered Species  6/06/21-6/10/21  EM-037

Thomas Keffer  Velocity 42’    6/05/21-6/10/21  J-019

Nathan Kundtz  Equilibrium 40’ 6/08/21- 6/10/21 EM-033

Ken Machtley   Dash 36’   6/06/21-6/10/21  EM-053

David Ramey    Rage 70’  6/08/21-6/10/21 D-049

Barry Rumsey  Jubilee 35’ 6/08/21-6/10/21 EM-045

Douglas Schenk  Free Bowl of Soup 34.5’  6/06/21-6/10/21 EMS-014

Steve Smolinske  True Love 45’   6/08/21-6/10/21 EM-047

Justin Wolfe  Raku 37’  6/06/21-6/10/21 EM-059

Rich Ackerman  Defiant 40’  6/06/21-6/10/21  D-021

Holm Albrecht  Gusto 45’   6/08/21-6/10/21  D-028

Philip Lewis   Souffle 34’   6/07/21-6/10/21 EM-011

Theo Singelis  30’  6/07/21-6/10/21—cancelled via email

Marc Klimashewski  Moon Shine 26’  6/09/21-6/10/21  EM-007

Ronald Hendricks  Gone with the Wind 33’  6/07/21-6/10/21  D-027

Bob Brunius   Time Bandit 40’  6/07/21-6/10/21  D-045

Kevin Flanigan  Haven 48’ 6/08/21-6/10/21  D-043

Dana Sibilla  Escape Artist 34.5’ 6/09/21-6/10/21 EM-041

Chad Stenwick  The Boss 35’ 6/06/21-6/10/21 D-007

Ben Emery  32.5’ 6/06/21-6/10/21 D-019

Ronald Hendricks  Gone with the Wind  33ft’  6/07/21-6/10/21 D-027

Joe Dazey   Presto  48ft’ 6/08/21-6/10/21  E-039

Rhys Balmer 33’ Elsewhere 6/09/21-6/10/21  EM-055